1998 Awards

Year 1 – June 23, 1999 – Bingeman Park Ballroom, Kitchener

1998 Athlete of the Year  – Fitzroy Vanderpool – Boxing (Kitchener)


A native of Trinidad and Tobaga, who moved to Canada as a four year old, “Fitz The Whip” is the current Canadian Welterweight Champion as well as the  World Boxing Federation Intercontinental Welterweight Champion and Jr. Middleweight World Champion, and was named “Boxer of the Year” by the Canadian Professional Boxing Federation. Outside the ring Fitz spends his time as a “Fire Perevention Ambassador of North America” and works with troubled youth.


Laura Nicholls – swimming (Waterloo)

Kevin Overland – speed- skating (Kitchener)

Louise Powell – triathlon (Waterloo)

Jason Tibbitts – football (Kitchener)